Unraveling the past to keep track of the future.

     My niece, Serena, decided to do a family tree, and started asking questions about her father's side of the family, the Crawfords.  Although a large family, I'm not sure one would use the term 'close-knit' to describe us. In fact, beyond my parents, John and Ruth, mystery abounds.  However, we decided that perhaps the best way to share and compile our findings would be this site.

  So, welcome! If you are reading this, odds are you either are a Crawford or related in some way. That makes you family, so feel free to add any tidbits you can; pictures, stories, documents, questions, et cetera.

  My parents had eight children. My mother; a set of twins, Diane Lynn (Popov) and Darlene Lee (Cox) Swango, from a previous marriage, and together they had; Richard Darryl, Kevin Michael, Dorian Mitchell, Judith Renee (Snyder), Deborah Kathleen (Hood), and Sean Patrick. Although, never legally adopted by my father, the twins were given the Crawford name. . In the forum area, each 'child' will be given their own category, in order to record marriages, births, deaths, etc.  It just seems the most logical way to do it.

  To add information on a child, grandchild, etc. locate the parent's name and add a topic. This will create a subcategory under that sibling.

   Know a family member? Invite them to join us!  http://crawfordclan.webs.com/. You can copy and paste that into an email.


John and Ruth Crawford on October 28, 1978 at St. Andrew's Church in Romeoville, IL.